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The Top 5 Makeup Hacks that Will Make Your Life Much Easier!

Being a makeup enthusiast often means having to improvise when you don’t have the specific makeup tools available, especially if you’re on-the-go. Well, this one’s for all the makeup enthusiasts out there!

We bring you 5 makeup hacks that will make your life much easier!

Make your own creamy shades

Just add some petroleum jelly to your powdered eyeshadow to turn it into your own creamy eyeshadow and enjoy its smooth application!

Don’t have a brow gel? Don’t worry.

Once again, your eyeshadow palette has come to the rescue. Depending on the color of your eyebrows, mix some powdered eyeshadow with a bit of petroleum jelly. Then, using a thin brow brush, apply it gently and evenly to your brows.

Don’t throw your old mascara brush away!

Your old mascara brush can serve as a brow brush after you’ve washed it to remove all the mascara and built up dirt on it. You can do this by mixing a bit of shampoo in water then dipping the brush and scrubbing it with your hands or some other tool to make sure that it gets cleaned properly.

Make your lipstick last longer

Tired of seeing your lipstick fade away whenever you take a few sips of your cold drink?

The best way to make lipstick last longer is to use coats so that each coat stabilizes the other. To do this, first put on your lipstick. Next, dab some compact powder onto it. After that, reapply the lipstick and there you go, you’ll have long-lasting lipstick!

Tired of dealing with unruly brows?

Sprinkle some hairspray onto your brow brush and then shape your eyebrows the way you want them to be. You won’t have to worry about dealing with haywire eyebrows anymore!

Follow these makeup tips to optimize your makeup session!

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